Welcome to my monthly blog post where I create a simple intention inspired by a monthly card reading! Feel free to embrace this intention as your guiding light for the upcoming month (or for as long as it speaks to you)!

This reading has a very powerful and profound message of releasing old patterns and beliefs to make room for self-love and space for new opportunities to flourish.  I love doing the work that I do because I am reminded that we teach what we most need to learn ourselves.  As I ground and centre myself to prepare for these readings that I share with you, I ask for guidance on what you most need to hear right now often forgetting that I'm also a part of this beautiful community. 

It never ceases to amaze me how these messages resonate deeply within my own journey, just as I hope they do for you. So with love and compassion, I share this reading with you from my heart to yours.

This month's intention is about recognizing your worthiness and embracing self-compassion and unconditional love. 

Explore the detailed card reading below and embrace whatever resonates with you, while letting go of anything that doesn't. Remember, powerful messages have a way of finding you when you open your heart and pay attention.  💕

Intention Setting CARD Reading

1st Card - EIGHT OF CUPS

This month, we dive deep into the transformative energy of the Eight of Cups. This card whispers a powerful message: it's time to let go and move forward. What is holding you back from embracing new beginnings or embarking on an exciting adventure? It could be a relationship, a challenging situation, a job, or even limiting beliefs that keep you stuck or hold you back. 

The Eight of Cups lovingly invites you to release anything that no longer serves your growth and dreams. Maybe it's time to take a journey, both within yourself and externally. And hey, this card has a knack for hinting at upcoming trips too!  So don't be surprised if the idea of a trip comes into your awareness anytime soon.

The Eight of Cups asks you to release self-limiting beliefs, to let go of the notion that you need to conform to a certain image or way of being in order to enjoy life. Theses thoughts only bring unhappiness and hinder joy.  

It's time to embrace the energy of the Eight of Cups and release those beliefs that make you feel "less than" so you can celebrate your authentic self. Remember, you are deserving of happiness and fulfillment exactly as you are. It's time to let go, step into the unknown, and make space for the dreams that await you.

To help anchor in the energy of this card, below are affirmations that may resonate:

  • I release what no longer serves me and embrace new growth and opportunities.
  • I move forward with courage and grace, leaving the past behind.
  • I follow my heart's true desires and find fulfillment on my journey.
  • I am open to new experiences and possibilities that align with my highest good.
  • I honour my inner guidance and trust the process of self-discovery and personal growth.

2nd Card - SEVEN of swords

In the realm of Tarot, there is a term we affectionately call a "stalker card." This is a card that seems to appear for us time and time again. And let me tell you, as someone who reads the cards daily for myself, the Seven of Swords is definitely one of my stalker cards! It finds its way into my readings quite often, and while it may initially bring some disappointment, it truly offers valuable insights into my current energy.

Traditionally, this card represents deception or theft in some form. However, if you've had a reading with me before, you know that I interpret the messages of the cards based on how they connect to your personal energy, feelings, and thoughts. So, when I come across the Seven of Swords, I see it as a call to examine what I may be hiding or avoiding. It reminds me to stop shrinking myself and embrace the opportunity to shine! Perhaps, like me, you resonate with this message. What parts of yourself do you keep hidden? What are you afraid to reveal to others?

Another important aspect of the Seven of Swords is the theme of self-deception. Are there falsehoods you tell yourself? When our inner critic takes the stage, we can be easily deceived by their harsh words. They may whisper things like "you're not good enough" or "you shouldn't pursue that, it's too scary." This card gently urges us to turn inward and uncover the thoughts and beliefs that might be deceiving us, preventing us from experiencing true joy, pursuing our passions, and embracing our desires. How can you show up authentically, without apology? Don't hide your beautiful soul any longer. It's time to let yourself be seen.

Remember, you are worthy of being seen, loved, and celebrated exactly as you are. Embrace your uniqueness, release the fear of judgment, and allow your beautiful soul to shine brightly.

Below are affirmation statements that beautifully align with the message of the Seven of Swords:

  • I am worthy of being seen and heard exactly as I am.
  • I release the fear of judgment, embracing my authenticity.
  • I step into my power and shine brightly.
  • I am living my truth and attract the right people and opportunities into my life.
  • I am capable of achieving my goals and dreams.
  • I honour my uniqueness and celebrate the gifts I bring to the world.


The Eight of Pentacles is a message about finding joy in the work that you love. It's about mastering the art of something that brings you happiness and fulfillment. Whether it's a hobby or your profession, this card encourages you to take pleasure in what you do. It's about mastering your craft, honing your skills, and taking the time to develop and learn new abilities.

This card wants you to embrace the pleasure that comes from doing what you love.  This may be something you're already doing, or can signify a new beginning. It's an invitation to embark on a journey of personal growth by learning and developing a new or existing skill. There are no limits to what you can achieve and gain when you invest time and effort into mastering a skill. By doing so, you will develop focus and determination, while also finding joy in the process. 

So, I invite you to reflect on what truly brings you joy. What would you love to do? Allow yourself to explore your passions and think about how you can incorporate them into your life. Maybe you've been wanting to learn a new skill, join a club, or start a new project. Remember, even small steps towards your dreams can lead to great success in the long run.

If we look at the Eight of Pentacles with the lens of our intention this month, discover how you can make a committed effort in recognizing your inherent worthiness and cultivating a deep sense of unconditional love and compassion for yourself. This invaluable skill will undoubtedly accelerate your personal growth and guide you towards the realization of your true worth and inner love.

Remember, personal transformation is a process that takes time. But with dedication and a consistent self-care routine, you will witness a steady evolution and growth in your journey. Embrace this practice and embark on a transformative path towards self-compassion and unconditional love. You are deserving of it all.

Below are affirmations that align with the message of the Eight of Pentacles:

  • I find joy in the work I love.
  • The work I do brings deep fulfillment and satisfaction.
  • My skills are valuable and appreciated by others.
  • I am deserving of the abundance that comes from doing what I love.
  • I am proud of my achievements and celebrate my progress.


The Page of Swords invites a youthful and curious energy, symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge and new experiences. This card serves as a reminder that we are all students in the journey of life, continually learning and growing. As we explore the energy of the Page of Swords in this month's reading, we recognize the importance of how we communicate with ourselves and the thoughts we cultivate.

Take a moment to reflect on your inner dialogue—how do you speak to yourself? Are your thoughts filled with positivity and self-empowerment, or do they lean towards self-doubt and negativity? The suit of swords teaches us that our words and thoughts have the power to either uplift or harm us, even if we don't immediately realize it.

Embrace this month as an opportunity to transform the way you perceive yourself. If your thoughts and words don't align with your true essence, it's time for a change.  Just like the sharpness of a sword, our thoughts and words can wound us, even unintentionally.

It is time for you to embrace a new perspective, one that fully recognizes and celebrates your authentic, magnificent, and deserving self. If you have been drawn to new books, courses, or practices lately, take it as a divine sign. And here's another sign—that you are reading this message right now! Take it to heart: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE PURE LOVE! It's time to believe in yourself, listen to those guiding signs, and embark upon a journey of new beginnings, personal growth and transformation.

Below are affirmations that may help to harness the Page of Swords' energy:

  • I speak kindly to myself, nurturing my self-worth.
  • I embrace my unique journey of growth and learning.
  • My words and thoughts have the power to shape my reality.
  • I am open to new experiences and all the knowledge they offer.

questions you can contemplate: 🤔 

Journaling is a powerful tool for self-reflection and growth. Take your time with these prompts, allow your thoughts and feelings to flow, and be open to the insights and clarity that may arise.

  • What fear or attachment is holding me back from moving forward?
  • What dreams or goals have I set aside that are calling me now?
  • What patterns or beliefs do I need to let go of in order to create a fresh start?
  • How can I create more joy and fulfillment in my daily life?
  • What are some aspects of myself that I tend to hide from others? Why?
  • How does the fear of judgment impact the way I show up in the world?
  • What activities or hobbies bring me true joy?
  • What new skills or abilities would I like to develop?
  • Celebrate your progress and achievements along your journey of personal growth. What are you proud of?
  • How do I currently communicate with myself? Are my words empowering or limiting?
  • What self-care practices bring you a sense of worthiness and self-compassion?
  • Write a love letter to yourself, acknowledging and appreciating your strengths and accomplishments.


  • Write it down and put it where you can see it regularly (bathroom mirror, desk, beside table, wallet, etc).
  • Say it several times a day clearly affirming it - you can stand in a power pose (like running across the finish line), hands on hips (like Wonder Woman), placing your hands on your heart, or even doing a little dance.  Whatever makes you feel like this intention is possible when you say it, then do that!
  • Visualize for just a few minutes each day your intention as if it has already come true.
  • Practice your favourite Yoga Nidra meditation that allows you to state your intention during the practice.  When the mind and body are relaxed, your mind is much more susceptible to suggestions, so this can help make this intention become true for you even quicker than by doing it on a conscious level alone.  
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Cards shown in this reading:
Wandering Star Tarot by Cat Pierce

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