Code of Ethics and Disclaimer

Even though card readings can be a lot of fun, I do take my readings seriously, and want to make sure we're on the same page before we get started.  So let's get the serious stuff out of the way first....

 You must agree to all terms below in order to secure your booking.  Thank you.
Breathe with Bonnie Code of Ethics
  • My card readings are meant to help provide positive direction and guidance and to help you see new perspectives and empower you to make decisions for your highest good. 
  • I will interpret the images and symbols of the cards to the best of my ability with integrity, honesty and compassion.  If I am unable to clearly interpret the overall messages or meanings, I will let you know.
  • All card readings are completely private and confidential.  If however, during our session, I see there are signs of danger to yourself or others, I will contact the appropriate emergency services.
  • I may suggest alternate services to help you if I feel you may need a qualified professional to provide assistance.
  • I do not answer questions or provide advice, consultations or opinions for areas in which I am not qualified such as: financial, legal, medical, business or health related issues.  
  • I do not provide predictions or predict time frames.
  • I only provide readings to individuals who are 18 years of age or older.
  • I will not answer questions about third parties (people who are not present for the reading) as I believe that is unethical and an invasion of their privacy.
  • The cards themselves hold no magic. Card readings are based on the synchronicities of the cards that have been intuitively selected. 
  • I reserve the right to refuse a card reading if the question goes against my Code of Ethics, or if I feel that I am unable to answer the question or clearly interpret the overall reading.  
  • I do not provide readings to clients under the influence of excessive alcohol/drugs.

Breathe with Bonnie Disclaimer

Card readings are subject to interpretation and are expressions of opinion only.  My card readings are not intended for, and do not replace professional: medical, legal, business, and/or health related opinions and advice. It is not a substitute for counselling or any other type of therapy, or medical advice from qualified professionals.  I will at all times exercise my best professional efforts, skills, compassion and care. However, I cannot guarantee the outcome of the card reading session and/or recommendations made.  Any decisions made, and/or actions taken by you as a result of your card reading are made by your own free will and choosing, and are your sole responsibility. Please use your own judgement at all times with the information you receive during our session. Card reading sessions are for entertainment purposes only.
By having a card reading from me, you agree to all terms above.