Easiest Key Lime Pie

Discover the easiest and most delicious Key Lime Pie recipe. This straightforward dessert requires minimal ingredients and preparation time, making it perfect for any occasion. Instead of traditional Key limes, regular limes work just as well, providing the same tangy flavour while saving time and effort.

The recipe features a simple graham cracker crust and a filling made from fresh lime juice, sweetened condensed milk, and eggs, all baked to perfection in under 40 minutes. A light topping of whipped cream, vanilla, and a touch of maple syrup or icing sugar adds a delicious finishing touch. 

Intention of the Month - June 2024

This month's intention, inspired by a tarot reading invites us to revisit how we perceive abundance and reflect upon our progress. The Five of Earth encourages shifting from a scarcity mindset to recognizing the support and blessings that surround us. The Seven of Earth emphasizes patience and nurturing the seeds we’ve sown, reminding us that growth takes time.

Additionally, The Tower card signals a necessary transformation, urging us to release outdated patterns and rebuild stronger foundations. Embrace changes with courage, trusting they will lead to personal renewal and a brighter future. This month, grounding yourself through nature and nurturing your physical and emotional well-being will be particularly important.

Given the significant influence of the Earth element in this reading, it's an ideal moment to connect with nature and ground yourself. Engage in activities that nurture your physical and emotional well-being.
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