"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself".
Coco Chanel.    
When I was a little girl.....
I dreamt of going to University, getting married and having kids.  And it happened.....

I used to daydream a lot and envision what my life would look like......I was manifesting before I even knew what that meant. 

But somewhere along my journey, I started focusing more on the things I didn't want....and guess what.....those things happened too.  I began comparing myself to others, and experienced real self-doubt, and lack of self-worth.....even though I still struggle with some of those things today, I give those emotions space to bubble up and be acknowledged so they can move on and not get stuffed away.

As I continue on this life path, here's the most important lesson I've learned....our thoughts and beliefs have a lot of power!  What you think about and focus on can become your reality.  That isn't to say that everything is in your control - things happen that you have no control over and sometimes it sucks big time!  

You can't control other people's actions, emotions, decisions, thoughts or beliefs, but YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR OWN!!!!  If we just stopped trying to change everyone else, and start working on ourselves, I think we'd find a lot more freedom and joy in our lives.

My mission is to help you find what lights you up so you can chase that dream and have more fun! 

Hi, my name is Bonnie, and I'm an Intuitive Card Reader and Yoga Nidra Meditation Coach and this is my story....

Wanting to be a positive influence and a good role model for my two daughters, I knew I had to make some changes in my life.  I couldn't continue criticizing myself and feeling upset about how I looked and felt. I didn't want them growing up seeing their mom feel this way, but I just didn't know how to begin feeling better about myself.....

Soooo....you could say, I embarked upon a personal development path and I soon realized that our thoughts and beliefs have a major impact on our lives. I began taking baby steps to embrace positive thinking, gratitude and self-acceptance and then, my life opened up in unbelievable ways.  
I started doing more of the things I LOVE!  

In 2017, I became a Certified Yoga Instructor and specialized in Yoga Nidra meditation and later, in Restorative Yoga.

I used to think meditation was a waste of time, but now I understand the power of intention and meditation. I wish I knew years ago how life changing this practice actually is. 

Once I started practicing Yoga Nidra on a regular basis, I was able to set an intention for how I wanted to live and see that desire unfold to ultimately change my life.  

I also use card readings as a way to gain insight and guidance to empower me to make decisions and take action towards the things I really want.  The cards have a special way of revealing hidden beliefs or validating my current feelings which helps me to see things from a different perspective.  

Through my regular meditation practice and using card readings for insight, I can now move forward and accomplish things I didn't think were possible.

I know life is hard and you're probably struggling too.  Now that I've learned these practices, I LOVE to share them with others in hopes that it will help them in the same ways they've helped me.

I've always been fascinated by the metaphysical. 
Being an empath, I'm highly sensitive to other's energy and in touch with my own.  I used to think being highly sensitive was a curse (because I cried a lot and still do), but now I use it as my superpower!  

I received my first tarot deck when I was a teenager and have been enamoured with using cards to help me gain insight and make decisions for many years.  As a teenager, I also used to tap into the energy of my chakras. I don't think I knew what they really were at the time, but I could definitely sense them on an energetic level. 

I've had many different jobs over the years, including working in the corporate world in HR and IT and owning and operating my own cake decorating business.  But what I've come to realize is that I LOVE helping people!  My true passion is helping you follow you heart's desire and believe you can live the life you WANT!  

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