Intention of the Month - February 2024

This month's blog post introduces February's intention based on a card reading. The reading emphasizes the importance of releasing old patterns and beliefs, embracing self-love, and making space for new opportunities in your life. The intention for this month is to recognize your worthiness and practice self-compassion and unconditional love.

The first card, the Eight of Cups, encourages you to let go of anything that no longer serves your growth and dreams. It invites you to release self-limiting beliefs and celebrate your authentic self. The second card, the Seven of Swords, invites you to examine what you may be hiding or avoiding, and to embrace your true self without fear of judgment. The third card, the Eight of Pentacles, emphasizes finding joy in the work you love and investing in mastering a new or existing skill. The final card, the Page of Swords, reminds you of the power of your words and thoughts, encouraging you to speak kindly to yourself and embrace new experiences and knowledge.

The blog also includes affirmations and journaling prompts to help you reflect on you journey and enhance personal growth.

Intention of the Month - January 2024

This month's blog post introduces a simple intention inspired by a monthly card reading. The intention revolves around honouring your body and embracing rest to nurture peace, harmony, and joy within. The card reading highlights three key cards: the six of pentacles, the four of swords, and the six of wands. The six of pentacles emphasizes the power of giving and receiving, encouraging you to share your abundance with others and accept assistance when needed. The four of swords reminds you to prioritize rest and healing, emphasizing the importance of self-care and creating space for peacefulness. Finally, the six of wands encourages you to let your light shine brightly and celebrate your accomplishments, as they have the potential to positively impact both yourself and others. The post also includes prompts for self-reflection and positive affirmations to anchor in the message of the cards. 


Intention of the Month - December 2023

This month's blog post offers a monthly intention inspired by a Christmas themed Tarot deck. The intention focuses on pursuing your passions and nurturing your personal happiness. The first card, the Ace of Canes, encourages you to seize moments of inspiration and turn them into action, nurturing your ideas with positive thoughts while silencing your inner critic. The second card, the Ace of Good Cheer, encourages you to follow your heart's desire and take action towards fulfilling your passions. The final card, the Star, validates your emotions, embraces your courage, and reminds you to focus on what you truly desire, visualizing your wishes coming true. The post also provides journaling prompts and tips for using intentions effectively. 

Intention of the Month - Autumn 2023 🍁 🍂

In this seasonal blog post, the intention for this autumn season is about confidently taking action towards achieving your dreams. The card reading provides guidance and encouragement, inviting you to take bold action and pursue your dreams while remaining rational and focused. It also encourages releasing worries, shifting perspective, and embracing self-care, compassion, and nurturing moments. You're invited to write down the intention, saying it affirmatively, visualizing its fulfillment, and practicing Yoga Nidra meditation to support its manifestation. This blog post also offers a detailed card reading and prompts for contemplation. 


Intention of the Month - September 2023

This month's intention is all about having the freedom to express yourself authentically, letting go of outdated rules and embracing the joy of being your true, fabulous self. Take a step back, evaluate your commitments, and make time for self-care and activities that bring you joy. Step out of the shadows and let your light shine brightly, inspiring others along the way. Follow your passions with enthusiasm and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal fulfillment. Find a balance between responsibilities and self-care, and embrace the Empress within you, recognizing your own worthiness and the abundance already present in your life. Release any obstacles and welcome limitless possibilities!

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