Sometimes I wish I was my dog.....
She seems to know how to truly be in the present moment. Like this morning, I was practicing yoga, and guess who showed up on my mat again??  Coconut. She was completely relaxed and didn’t seem to have any other cares in the world.

Then, later on Steve and I decided to go in the hot tub.  Although I was enjoying the sunshine and trying to relax on a Sunday afternoon, I couldn’t help but think of all the work I still had waiting for me inside. I was so annoyed with myself. It’s like I couldn’t wait to get out of the hot tub to go and do work!!  Why do we ruin perfectly great moments thinking about the future? 

Then I thought to myself, I rarely go in the hot tub and it’s beautiful out today and I don’t want to waste this opportunity.  So I closed my eyes and fully appreciated being in that moment. I’m so happy I did because it felt amazing. I was so grateful that I stopped the negative voice that kept telling me to go back inside and I actually gave myself permission to relax and enjoy my time.

When you take the time to appreciate and notice the moment it seems more real and can put things into perspective.

We spend so much time thinking about the past and worrying about the future. Hopefully this is a reminder to take a few minutes today to appreciate and notice the moment you’re in now.

xo, Bonnie

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