Welcome to my monthly blog post where I create a simple intention inspired by a monthly card reading! Feel free to embrace this intention as your guiding light for the upcoming month (or for as long as it speaks to you)!

This month's tarot reading serves as a reminder to assess the abundance that surrounds us, pause and reflect on where we are in our journey and invite positive transformation into our lives.

Explore the detailed card reading below and embrace whatever resonates with you, while letting go of anything that doesn't. Remember, powerful messages have a way of finding you when you open your heart and pay attention.  💕

Intention Setting CARD Reading

5 of earth

If you’re going through a rough patch right now, the Five of Earth is here to give you a warm hug. This card gently nudges you to shift your perspective if this time is causing you to focus on the, less than positive side of things, and to remind you that this tough moment will pass.

The Earth element relates to our well-being, careers, family, wealth, and tangible things. Take a moment to reflect on these areas of your life and see where your mindset is.

It’s easy to feel lack, especially when we compare ourselves to others. Society often pushes us to measure our worth by the material things that we have, but the Five of Earth quietly reminds you that your true value comes from within.

Feeling isolated during hard times is natural, but the Five of Earth invites you to see the support around you. Sometimes our focus on what we don’t have blinds us to the blessings we do.

Spend some time thinking about your mindset. How can you shift your thoughts to see the abundance around you? We often miss the simple, profound gifts like the air we breathe, the sun’s warmth, or the love surrounding us.

Remember, support is everywhere—through loved ones, your community, and the strength within your heart. You’re never alone on this journey. Embrace life’s ups and downs with kindness and compassion for yourself.

And if everything’s smooth sailing for you right now, let this card remind you to cherish the support and abundance currently in your life.

Here are a few positive affirmations that align with the energy of the Five of Earth:

I am surrounded by love and support
I am grateful for the blessings I have
My life is filled with abundance and joy
My mindset is grounded in gratitude and positivity
Each day brings new opportunities for growth and joy

7 of earth

The calming and grounding energy of the Seven of Earth makes an appearance in this month's reading. It's a gentle nudge to pause and reflect on the seeds you've already planted within the earth element such as; your career, health, wealth, family, and home.

In a world where we crave instant results, this card reminds us to be patient. Real growth takes time, even if you can't see it happening just yet. Take a moment to think about the steps you've taken and the progress you're making. You might need to adjust a few things, but don't rush it. Trust that what you're working on will flourish when the time is right.

Celebrate the small wins along the way and remember, the journey is just as important as the end goal. Your hard work is building a strong foundation for future success.

Embrace the wisdom of the Seven of Earth and trust that everything is unfolding perfectly. Your dedication and patience will bring beautiful results. 🌱✨

Below are a few positive affirmations that align with the energy of the Seven of Earth:

I nurture the seeds of my dreams with love and care
I honour the timing of my journey and trust in its process
I am grounded and focused on the present moment
I celebrate every small victory on my journey
I believe in the natural flow of growth and abundance in my life

16 - tower

The Tower in a reading can be met with some apprehension, but at it's core, it symbolizes necessary transformation. It represents the breaking down of old structures, outdated beliefs, and habits that no longer serve you. It's the universe's way of making space for new growth and fresh opportunities. A time to rebuild something stronger and more aligned with your true self.

In life, we sometimes cling to structures, beliefs, or situations that may no longer serve our highest good. The Tower is a reminder that it's time to let go of these outdated patterns. The Tower pushes us out of our comfort zones, and well, that can make us feel uncomfortable.  Change can be difficult, but know that this change is necessary.

This is your chance to construct a more authentic and solid foundation, this is a powerful message of personal renewal and transformation.

Embrace this journey with courage, knowing that every transformation is a step toward a more authentic and empowered you. The Tower’s energy can bring the gift of renewal and the promise of a brighter horizon.

Here are a few positive affirmations that may help you harness the energy of the Tower:

  • I release the old to make space for the new
  • I am building a strong and secure foundation
  • I am open to new possibilities and opportunities

Putting it all together.....

This month's reading serves as a powerful reminder to reassess how you perceive the abundance around you. The energy of the 5 of Earth encourages you to examine any scarcity mindset you may be experiencing. The 7 of Earth invites you to reflect on the seeds you've planted and the progress you're making so far. Finally, The Tower signals that it's time to reconstruct and reinforce our foundations, allowing in new perspectives and more stable grounding.

With a significant influence from the Earth element, it's important to ground yourself and connect with nature this month. You may want to find practices that help you connect to your physical body and nurture your health—both physically and emotionally. This is also a time to transform your mindset from scarcity to abundance. 

Observe any unstable structures or aspects in your life that need attention. This is an opportunity to rebuild stronger and lasting foundations. While this period may be challenging, trust that the forthcoming changes will bring about positive transformation.

questions you can contemplate: 🤔 

Journaling is a powerful tool for self-reflection and growth. If any of these resonate with you, take your time as you reflect and allow your thoughts and feelings to flow.  Be open to the insights and clarity that may arise.  

  • Where in my life do I currently experience a sense of lack?
  • What actions can I take to shift my mindset toward abundance?
  • Which seeds of intention have I planted recently and how are they progressing?
  • How can I nurture these seeds for optimal growth?
  • What aspects of my life feel unstable or shaky?
  • How can I begin rebuilding these areas on firmer ground?
  • In what ways can I connect more deeply with nature?
  • How do I currently connect with my physical body?
  • What are some grounding activities I can incorporate into my daily routine?
  • What are the foundations, beliefs, or habits I need to reconstruct?


  • Write it down and put it where you can see it regularly (bathroom mirror, desk, beside table, wallet, etc).
  • Say it several times a day clearly affirming it - you can stand in a power pose (like running across the finish line), hands on hips (like Wonder Woman), placing your hands on your heart, or even doing a little dance.  Whatever makes you feel like this intention is possible when you say it, then do that!
  • Visualize for just a few minutes each day your intention as if it has already come true.
  • Practice your favourite Yoga Nidra meditation that allows you to state your intention during the practice.  When the mind and body are relaxed, your mind is much more susceptible to suggestions, so this can help make this intention become true for you even quicker than by doing it on a conscious level alone.  
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Cards shown in this reading:
The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid

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