You are Lovable as You ARE!
The notion of loving thyself is a powerful message.  How can you love others when you do not love yourself?  Do you know that you are a spiritual being having a human experience?  There is only love.  When you deny yourself of this love, you deny yourself your own truth which is love.  We are all connected in this Universe and when you lead with love, you bring more love into your life.  When you feel "bad", your Inner Being isn't joining your "party" because all your Inner Being knows is love.  This is your guidance system and a way of knowing if you are living your truth or straying away from it.

You needn't fill this void of lack of love with anything else as all you need is already within you.  You don't have to search for this love on the outside because it exists on the inside.  Your outside world is a reflection of your inner world.  If you use the scales as an example, what weighs more?  How you love yourself and show love to others, or is it how you blame yourself and others for your life experience?

You are encouraged to tip the scales in favour of love.  Love for yourself and love for all.  Put your hand on your heart centre and feel the magnificence of the love emanating from inside of you.  You can feel this.  It is energy.  Love is energy!  How would your life be different if you lead your life from love?  What is your dominant view of yourself and others?  Is it love, or blame, judgement and criticism?

Love more, blame less.  Love more, judge less.  Love and praise more and criticize less.  As humans, we love to blame others for how our lives turned out.  What does that make you?  A victim of other people's action.  You are encouraged to take back the reigns on your life and tell a new story.  Where you are now is only a point in time.  If you keep thinking about the past and blaming and judging yourself for where you are now, the past will continue to repeat itself.  You have the ability to change your life course with your thoughts and actions going forward.

People who love themselves do not feel the need to criticize or harm others emotionally or physically.  People who behave this way do not understand the path of love and light.  But you are awakening to this notion that love is the only way forward to your desires.  This love starts with you.  Do not wait to look and feel a certain way to begin to love yourself.  Treat yourself with the respect and dignity that you deserve.  You are worthy no matter how people have made you feel in the past.  But in order to feel worthy you must treat yourself with kindness and love.

Those who "make" you feel unworthy, feel unworthy themselves.  Break this pattern.  The only way you can is to know your worth.  You are worthy because you are here.  We are all worthy.  No one is more worthy than the other even if you believe it is so.  When you place judgements on others, this is a reflection of the judgements you place on yourself.  When you see the faults in others, you see the faults in yourself.  When you see the world through the eyes of God, source, love, you recognize the love in yourself.  Remember this always!

Be the light and shine that light brightly.  Your world will change and your perceptions will begin to change.  Lead in love.  Come from a place of love and see how life will begin to unfold for you.  You are lovable as you are.  Know your worth for your Inner Being knows this.  Connect with your truth that is love and go forth and live your life best life.  Your life is based on your thoughts and perceptions.  You are surrounded by so much love.  Allow the love to enter your body and soul.  There is so much love for you here. 

With love,

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