Ah, the world of tarot! It's one of those tools that's often misunderstood, surrounded by myths and skepticism.  Maybe it's from the negative portrayals we've seen in movies or tv shows or of someone's less than positive experience of a reading. It's true, tarot has its share of misconceptions and mysteries that can make it seem intimidating.

I myself, hesitated to learn about this practice because I let my fear of the cards get in the way. I was worried that if I used the tarot, I would uncover something unsettling. But here's the thing: my perspective completely changed once I truly got to know the tarot. And guess what? It's not all about predicting the future. Instead, I discovered tarot to be an incredibly beautiful and profound tool that guides us toward self-discovery and personal growth.  

The tarot became like a friend that would gently nudge me to look within and confront the truths I often hide from myself.

I begin each morning with a deck in hand and I ask a question—not about the future, but about what I need to know today. The cards I draw don't dictate a path I must take, but serve as a guide, a point for reflection to start my day. 

It's truly fascinating how often the same cards pop up in my daily readings. They act like mirrors, reflecting back to me the patterns and beliefs that sometimes hold me back, reminding me it's okay to let go and move forward. The cards also bring me a beautiful sense of clarity, encouraging me to speak my truth and share the things I'm passionate about with the world. 

In my tarot practice, I’ve learned to see challenges as opportunities, to understand that every ending paves the way for new beginnings and I've discovered a well of strength and resilience within me I never knew existed.

I've found such deep insight and guidance in my tarot journey that hiding my practice just didn't feel right anymore. Tarot has taught me the value of facing fears and embracing my true self, and I'm excited to share this beautiful and enriching practice with you.

stepping out of my comfort zone

Is there a scarier way to step out of your comfort zone than starting a podcast? I think not! For the longest time, I kept my tarot practice a well-guarded secret, worrying about how others might perceive it. But now, curiosity wins over fear—I'm embracing my passion for tarot and I'm so thrilled to announce that my good friend Peter, who shares my enthusiasm for tarot, and I have launched a weekly podcast "The Tarot Table with Bonnie and Peter".

Peter and I met at a local tarot and tea event where people would get together and practice reading tarot for each other.  It was a way to meet new people and talk tarot.  Peter and I began meeting for coffee so we could continue the tarot conversation and dive into all things tarot.  Hours would go by and we barely noticed the time.  During one of those conversations, the idea of a podcast sparked (a true Ace of Wands moment).  We thought this would be a perfect place to explore the tarot and extend the conversation with people who are either curious about tarot, at the beginning of their tarot journey, or fellow aficionados like us.

Join us as we unfold the mysteries of tarot, share our personal experiences, and ignite discussions that we hope will inspire you just as much as they do us. 


You Tube: @TarotTableBandP

The tarot can be used as a tool for self-reflection, as the cards can offer guidance, but remember, they don't live our lives for us. They encourage us to take responsibility for our actions, remind us of our agency, and inspire us to live more consciously.

Today, as I share my journey with tarot, I hope that my story will inspire others to explore this precious tool for self-reflection and personal growth. Whether you're a seeker like I was, looking for direction, or simply curious about deepening your connection with yourself, tarot can be a luminous guide on your path.

May your tarot journey be as enlightening and transforming as mine has been. At the end of the day, tarot is a journey back to ourselves, a pathway to understanding our complexities, celebrating our growth, and embracing the full spectrum of our emotions and experiences.  Happy shuffling! 

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