Welcome to my monthly blog where I create a simple intention based on a monthly card reading with you (my community) in mind.  If this intention resonates with you, feel free to use it as a focus for this month (or whatever time frame suits your fancy)!

Some things to keep in mind when using an intention:

  • Write it down and put it where you can see it regularly (bathroom mirror, desk, beside table, wallet, etc).
  • Say it several times a day clearly affirming it - you can stand in a power pose (like running across the finish line), hands on hips (like Wonder Woman), placing your hands on your heart, or even doing a little dance.  Whatever makes you feel like this intention is possible when you say it, then do that!
  • Practice your favourite Yoga Nidra meditation that allows you to state your intention during the practice.  When the mind and body are relaxed, your mind is much more susceptible to suggestions, so this can help make this intention become true for you even quicker than by doing it on a conscious level alone.  
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March Intention Setting Reading

1st Card - A LEG UP

This card invites you to ask for and be willing to receive help.  Having "a leg up" can help you to accomplish tasks more easily and can give you more time to do things that can nourish and support you.  When you're bogged down by commitments and a to "do list" higher than Mount Everest, you don't make time for fun or self-care.  Even taking a bath seems like too much wasted time.  

2nd Card - Knight of PENTACLES

It looks like you've been diligently hard at work with little time for yourself.  You're in the weeds of work, family and commitments, but not having a lot of fun.  While work is important and necessary, what small steps are you taking to do more for you?  The horse is this image isn't moving towards anything creative.  But the figure on top of the horse is wearing pointe shoes which can indicate a passion for something other than your work at this time.  Think about something you're passionate about and take one step in that direction.  

3rd Card - KING of CUPS (Female)

Have you been busy nurturing others?  If somebody needs help with something, or a shoulder to cry on, you're there!  You provide a sense of emotional stability to others and even when the waters are rough, you find a safe space so they can sail their ship in calm waters.  You are strong and nurturing.  But......are you making time for your own nurturing?  This King teaches you how to truly love and accept yourself as you are.  This card is inviting you to seek out nurturing and compassionate practices for yourself!  It's your turn to seek support from someone else who has your best interests in mind.  How can you get help to nurture your own emotions and feel more stable and secure where you are?  How can you love and accept yourself in this moment without changing a thing?

4th Card - THREE of WANDS

Once you've made the choice to ask/receive help, it's time to welcome and get ready for the opportunities that await!  The Three of Wands shows you that once you've made the choice (to do something adventurous rather than staying in your comfort zone), you're on the lookout for the ship to sail in!  In this case, the ship is to make time for things that nurture you (including having some fun).  Look for opportunities to gather with those you love (maybe family, or a night with your best friends).  This could also be about making a plan to set some time aside each day for self-care.  The Three of Wands is about patience (not everything has to happen over night) and sticking to your plans.  Be ready for opportunities (even though you may not be sure what they are just yet).  You're on the lookout now for some fun and you're ready for some good ol' fashioned self-care!

A little extra insight.....

Water is a theme that is present in this reading when you look at the images in the cards.  When you think of the element of water, it's flexible, fluid and ebbs and flows.  It doesn't let obstacles get in its way, rather, it easily and naturally flows around them instead of trying to force its way through them.  It's time to balance your inner water element by practicing self-care that makes you feel nurtured and calm. Water also helps you to flow through life with grace.  This could be a time to let go of trying to control every situation, and just "go with the flow".

questions you can contemplate: πŸ€” 

  • Where in my life do I need more help?
  • If it's hard for me to ask for help, why might that be?
  • How can I nurture myself more?
  • What self-care practices will help me feel more loving and accepting of myself?
  • Where in my life is there flow?
  • What do I find fun and how can I do more of that?

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Cards from this reading:
Card 1 -  Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid
Cards 2, 3, 4 - Tarot of Mystical Moments by Catrin Welz-Stein
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