Welcome to my monthly blog post where I create a simple intention based on a monthly card reading!  If this intention resonates with you, feel free to use it as a focus for this month (or however long feels right for you)!  

This month's intention is all about focusing on your desires!  How do you diligently focus on what you want?  Do you prioritize your dreams or your "to do" list?  See what insights you may discover to help you focus on what matters most to you!

Read below for the full card reading and take what feels good for you and leave the rest.  Messages are meant to find you in the most peculiar ways when you're willing to notice and listen ;)

Some things to keep in mind when using an intention:

  • Write it down and put it where you can see it regularly (bathroom mirror, desk, beside table, wallet, etc).
  • Say it several times a day clearly affirming it - you can stand in a power pose (like running across the finish line), hands on hips (like Wonder Woman), placing your hands on your heart, or even doing a little dance.  Whatever makes you feel like this intention is possible when you say it, then do that!
  • Visualize for just a few minutes each day your intention as if it has already come true.
  • Practice your favourite Yoga Nidra meditation that allows you to state your intention during the practice.  When the mind and body are relaxed, your mind is much more susceptible to suggestions, so this can help make this intention become true for you even quicker than by doing it on a conscious level alone.  
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Intention Setting Reading

1st Card - diligence

This card is inviting you to look at your priorities and to take a deep dive into how they are serving you.  For what things do you exert effort and work hard towards achieving?  Are those things bringing you joy or are they a necessity of life?  Is there a balance between what you value and what you think you need?  Diligence can be seen as prioritizing what is important and what can be placed on the back burner.  Are you placing your own desires on the back burner, or are you diligently working towards them?  Take some time to reflect on how you focus on your own desires and what you are doing to achieve them.  When you focus on things you desire, little by little it can come to fruition and reap massive rewards in the future - this doesn't have to be about instant gratification.  This is about taking steps to ensure you focus on those things that make you happy.  Most often we focus on things that we fear will happen which leads to stress and anxiety.  Try flipping the switch and focus on things that bring you joy!

2nd Card - knight of wands

This Knight is telling you to take action steps towards your desires!  The suit of wands symbolizes the fire element which represents that spark of passion, creativity, action and desire!  What lights you up inside?  Do more of that!!  This Knight is also spontaneous, charismatic and full of energy.  This doesn't mean you have to be the life of the party, but it means maybe going to one and having fun!  Loosen up and harness the energy of this Knight to have a little fun, follow your heart and take a least one step towards something that feels good for you!  Don't allow fear or doubt to hold you back.

3rd Card - eight of cups

The Eight of Cups is encouraging you to see if you are needing to walk away from something that no longer serves you.  Take some time to reflect on this.  There are many things and situations that hold us back because we're afraid to let them go, like: every item on our gigantic to do list, certain relationships, situations and emotions such as fear, shame, and guilt for example.  This could even be about clearing clutter (physical and/or emotional) that we have been holding onto.  We are all tethered in one form or another to limiting beliefs about ourselves that prevent us from walking in the direction of our desires (even if that may seem tough).  If you stay where you are, you may never get to where you want to go........

4th Card - the star (17)

Oh this sweet Otter!  She is looking up at the stars with her hands in front of her heart.  Remember the quote from the story of Pinocchio? "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.  Anything your heart desires will come to you".  I love that!  This really sums up this reading so beautifully.  What we focus on is what we attract.  This is a sign to focus on what you want (not what you don't want).  Oftentimes we dismiss our desires because we may not believe that we can have what we truly want.  This is just a belief that we tell ourselves.   We'll never know unless we give it a try.  Thinking this way just takes time and diligence! 😉  No dream is too big or too small.  Your wishes can come true if you truly believe!

questions you can contemplate: 🤔 

  • What are you diligently working towards?  
  • Is there something that you are ready to walk away from?
  • What lights you up inside? 
  • If you could wish upon a star, what would you wish for?

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Cards from this reading:
Card 1 -  Sacred Destiny Oracle - Denise Linn
Cards 2, 3 & 4 - The Tarot of Curious Creatures - Chris-Anne
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