Happiness is a State of Being
Joy and love is your natural state of being.  You either choose to allow it to flow, or you block it.  It doesn't magically appear when you "get something" or have an experience.  It's an energy that lives within you and you are the only one who allows it to flow or blocks it from flowing.  That's why you feel "bad" because this natural vibration is blocked like a river dam.  We are always looking outside of ourselves to experience this natural state of joy, but all we have to do is look within.  Take a breath and notice this ever flowing life force energy.  Our breath is our awareness back to our true self.  Our breath connects us back to our own Inner Being who only knows love.  When you are not in alignment with your Inner Being (state of love and joy), you feel discomfort because those emotions are not experienced by your true Self - the source of who you really are which is pure love. 

Every moment is a new opportunity to experience peace, love and joy.  Bring awareness to this moment and capture the beauty in this awareness as you observe life around you.  Notice the trees, flowers, sunshine, smile on a child's face, the comfort of your home, your cup of coffee or tea.  Every moment is a new opportunity to feel and sense joy and love.  

Of course, there are moments that are difficult, uncomfortable and painful.  During these times, we must honour what we are feeling.  But this is still an opportunity to become aware of being in this moment.  Thank the emotions for coming up as they are there to be acknowledged and released.  Once we experience more love and joy in our lives by becoming aware of our breath and being present, we experience this more often.  And in times of discomfort, we can allow these shifts to happen more quickly and are able to experience them in a more gentle way.

We all have desires, that is part of life and that is good, but we all have the capacity to tune into this awareness of love and joy that lives inside of us in any given moment.  We don't have to wait for something external to happen to experience joy.  Joy is just a breath away.  You can choose to let it flow or block it.  How will you choose today?

With love,

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