Shine Your Light!
Everyone has within them the same bright light.  This light is pure love and is the essence of who you truly are.  What makes us different, is how brightly we allow our light to shine.  We dim this light by the layers of emotions we carry and experience.  Anger, resentments, blame, criticism....all of these emotions dim our light on the outside like heavy cloaks.  When you stand in your truth and lead in love, these layers fall away and allow the light to shine brighter.  When your light shines brighter, it impacts those around you for they can see and feel your light.

If your light is dim, take the time to nurture yourself, have compassion for yourself and others and heal the wounds that dim your light.  Let your light shine brightly through acts of kindness, compassion and love for yourself and others.  Go forth and shine brightly.

With love,

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