Welcome to my monthly blog post where I create a simple intention based on a monthly card reading for my community!  If this intention resonates with you, feel free to use it as a focus for this month (or however long feels right for you)!  

Read below for the full card reading and take what feels good for you and leave the rest.  Messages are meant to find you in the most peculiar ways when you're willing to notice and listen ;)

Some things to keep in mind when using an intention:

  • Write it down and put it where you can see it regularly (bathroom mirror, desk, beside table, wallet, etc).
  • Say it several times a day clearly affirming it - you can stand in a power pose (like running across the finish line), hands on hips (like Wonder Woman), placing your hands on your heart, or even doing a little dance.  Whatever makes you feel like this intention is possible when you say it, then do that!
  • Visualize for just a few minutes each day your intention as if it has already come true.
  • Practice your favourite Yoga Nidra meditation that allows you to state your intention during the practice.  When the mind and body are relaxed, your mind is much more susceptible to suggestions, so this can help make this intention become true for you even quicker than by doing it on a conscious level alone.  
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APRIL 2023 Intention Setting Reading

1st Card - Balanced life

What does a balanced life mean to you?  Is it balancing work and home?  Is it balancing daily commitments with having more fun?  Is it balancing your spiritual and physical practices?  Perhaps it's balancing time indoors with being in nature. Living a balanced life can mean something different for each one of us.  See where you need more balance in your life.  Sometimes balance can be about noticing what you are clinging to from a materialistic perspective, and seeing how you can loosen your grip to material possessions or what you think you need in life to be happy.  Perhaps focusing on the breath will help you to balance.  Try this short practice......Inhale calm, exhale peace.....

2nd Card - PAGE OF CUPS

Oh this sweet little Otter.  Does she get any cuter with her cup of turmeric ginger chai?  The Page of Cups reminds you to follow your dreams and use your imagination!  She is looking into the past and maybe wondering if any of those dreams she had have actually come true?  Take this time to notice what brings you joy and how you can fit that into your life using balance as your intention.  Use your creativity and lean into your intuition to make a plan and take a step in the direction of your dreams!  Connect with your inner child and have some fun.  Dare to dream the impossible!

3rd Card - 21 - THE WORLD

The world card brings promises of successful endings and new beginnings.  Where are you in this current cycle?  We go through many cycles in life wether they be relationships, careers, emotions and attaining certain goals, etc.  At this time, you have the world in your hands and if you're nearing or at the end of a cycle, take some time to relax and enjoy this time of completion.  If you're at the beginning, know that you have the ability to create success and make monumental achievements.  If this cycle has been difficult for you (which most journeys have their bumps in the road), applaud how far you've come and celebrate your success.  Envision positive outcomes and focus on your desires and strengths.  How can you find time for celebration in your current situation?  Is there anyone you can show appreciation to for helping you to get to this point?  Perhaps a gesture of gratitude is in order.

4th Card - 12 - HANGED MAN

Oh this caterpillar!  How sweet the transformation will be.  The Hanged Man (caterpillar) needs to take time and surrender to this process so the ultimate transformation to a beautiful butterfly can occur.  This card suggests taking a "time out", or an intentional pause so that you can see your current situation from a different perspective.  This is my "downward facing dog" card.  When I teach yoga and we're in downward facing dog, I often tell my students that it's good to be upside down once in a while, because you see things from a totally different perspective.  

What can you do at this time to surrender to what is, and take a break?  When we take time to pause and reflect, we can gain clarity.  If you're thinking about a major change right now, this could be an invitation to take some more time for reflection and insight.  When we are silent, we listen......  When you're open to new possibilities, often new opportunities arise.


Ok, so what's a jumper card?  This Queen of Swords popped out of the deck right side up when I was shuffling for this reading.  Often when jumpers appear when I'm shuffling, it's a good chance this card wants to be part of this reading and this Queen is no exception!

I love how all of these cards play on each other with our main intention of balance.  The Queen of Swords uses her intellect to make decisions and she is extremely knowledgeable!  People come to the Queen for help and although she may seem cold, she can nurture you with information and courage.  She is a warrior and isn't afraid to take action, but the action is well thought out.  In this theme of balance, dreams, successful endings and taking a time to pause, she is here to guide you and encourage you to be brave, speak your truth and take the next steps towards a more balanced and harmonious life.  And that could involve setting boundaries with family, work and even friends so that you can take more time for yourself. It's important to find balance and harmony in your life, so take the courage of this Queen and do what you need to create a life that brings you more joy, peace and calm.  But don't forget to speak your truth in a compassionate and kind way....sometimes words can wound others, just like swords can....

A little extra insight.....

Balance and harmony are the key messages in this reading.  Use the youthful, imagination of the Page of Cups to bring balance into your life with doing some things you really enjoy - or something that you've been dreaming about doing (like taking a painting class, doing yoga or finishing that crocheting project that you started last year)!  Celebrate your success so far with The World card and even if you're not at the end of your current journey, envision a successful outcome and celebrate your steps along the way!  You've got this!  The Hanged Man is inviting you to take a pause and reflect.  This could be on how to incorporate balance and harmony into your life with your dreams and celebrating your successes.  And our mighty Queen of Swords will help you speak your truth, build confidence and bravery and set boundaries to cultivate this balance so you can live in harmony with your dreams and desires!  Remember though to have compassion and kindness for yourself and others so you can find balance in the most harmonious way!

questions you can contemplate: 🤔 

  • Where do you feel out of balance in your life at this time?  
  • What were some things you loved to do as a child?  Think about taking that as inspiration to do something fun or rekindle a nostalgic pastime.
  • What can you do to celebrate your achievements thus far? 
  • How you can you make time for reflection and see things from a different perspective?
  • What are some steps you can take to live with more balance and harmony?
  • If you are lacking boundaries right now, how can you establish healthy boundaries to live with more balance and harmony?
  • Are you speaking your truth?  If not, how can you speak your truth in a compassionate and loving way?

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Cards from this reading:
Card 1 -  Land Sky Oracle Deck by Theresa Hutch
Cards 2, 3, 4 & Jumper - White Sage Tarot by Theresa Hutch
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