Get the Most out of your Yoga Nidra Practice!

Hey there!  I'm so happy you're here! That must mean you've signed up for my FREE Yoga Nidra guided meditation for relaxation!  So excited for you. I hope you love it and make time to fit this into your daily self care routine.  

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Now that you can listen whenever you want, I want to give you some tips on how to make the most out of your practice. 

A main part of Yoga Nidra is creating an affirmation to use as the focus for your meditation.  If you haven't listened yet, you will have an opportunity to create an affirmation (positive statement) that aligns with your heart's desire. This is why I love Yoga Nidra so much. It combines relaxation with focusing on a desire that we have to feel a certain way, or accomplish something. I can tell you from experience that it's an unbelievable feeling when you start to see your desire unfold for you in your everyday life!

So....I want to make sure you're getting the most out of your practice each time you do it.  Here are three tips for getting the most out of your affirmation:

1.  When it's time to create an intention during practice, make sure it's in the PRESENT tense!  For example, if your desire is to be healthy and strong, don't say "I will be healthy and strong", or "I want to be healthy and strong".  It's much more powerful to state your desire as the truth (as if it's already come true) because when you do that, you'll be in alignment with your desire and not just hoping that one day it will happen.

 2.  Write that puppy down!  When I have a new affirmation that I'm working towards, I write it on a sticky note and post it on my bathroom mirror.  That way, I see it in the morning and at night before I go to bed.  Don't just wait to practice Yoga Nidra to recite your affirmation, keep that as a focus in your life and watch as it unfolds for you.

3.  Keep using the same affirmation. When practicing Yoga Nidra, it helps to keep the same affirmation until it becomes real for you. That's why this practice is so beneficial. It helps you to focus on a desire and to eventually see it realize in your life! 
  • However, don't feel like you can never switch out your affirmation. Remember, this is your practice and you can use it however it serves you.  While I like to work towards my overall desire, sometimes I'm feeling anxious or upset about a certain situation.  In this case, I will create a new intention as the focus for my meditation that day to help me overcome my emotions. Then, next time I practice, I go back to my original affirmation. 
Ok, so now you have a solid foundation for your affirmation.  Here are the three steps again:
  1.  Make sure it's phrased in the present tense
  2.  Write it down so you can remember it (and see it daily)
  3.  Continue to use the same affirmation until it becomes real for you (and then create a new one)...
Enjoy your practice!

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xo, Bonnie

*Please note: relaxation and meditation practices may cause you to experience upsetting memories or difficult emotions.  While these practices can be a beneficial way to release these emotions and memories, it is important that you check with your health care provider before starting a relaxation/meditation practice if you feel you may have difficulties processing memories and emotions should they come up during practice.
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