3 Ways Families Can Practice Gratitude (While You're Cooped up at Home).......
These days it's tough to be thankful for things when you're so limited as to what you can and can't do.  We're struggling because we can't visit family and friends and get together like we used to.  Even shopping is a scary experience.  I used to love shopping, now I feel like my homemade mask isn't haute couteur enough and my hands are so sweaty wearing those uncomfortable plastic gloves that I only used to wear when I used to dye my hair....

All grey hair kidding aside, this is also a time to be grateful for the things we do have.  Being home with my husband and daughters has made me realize that gratitude is something we need to practice now more than ever before.  For years, I've always told my kids that when you complain, you'll have more things in your life to complain about; BUT, when you're grateful, you'll have more things to be grateful for.  

Below are three simple ways to practice gratitude with your own family.

1.  If you're like my family right now....you're probably eating three meals a day together.....At your next meal, go around the table and have everyone state something they're grateful for and why.  It's a fun way to think about what you're appreciating in that moment, and I guarantee once you start doing this, you'll come up with more than just one thing you're thankful for.  Try and practice this approach to gratitude at least once a day.

2.  Find a journal (this is easy....like how many empty notebooks are lying around your house right now....you know you've got 'em).  Your kids can make this a special gratitude journal by painting or colouring the outside, or even putting stickers on it.  When putting them to bed at night, together, write three things you're grateful for that happened that day.  You may think that you'll repeat the same thoughts, but you can always find different things to be thankful for - like the sunshine and air we breathe or how about the fact that routine bed times are a thing of the past.....

3.  Make your next family game night a game of gratitude where you state something you're thankful for but hasn't actually happened yet - this sounds crazy, I know, but hear me out.......Example, if you wish you were in sunny Mexico right now, you could say "I'm so grateful that I'm in Mexico on this beautiful beach enjoying my delicious pina colada".  Or maybe one of your kids wishes they could have a big pool party.....it could be something like this..."I'm so thankful that I'm doing cannon balls in the pool with my best buds"  You get the idea.  This is a fantastic way to get your family's spirits up and imaginations flowing.  Sometimes just thinking we are in those situations and being grateful in that moment can shift our energy to feelings of joy and excitement.  And who doesn't need a positive shift right now - am I right, or am I right?   

I hope you can find ways to cherish the time you have together.  We always want more time to spend with our families, so if you're home now with your family, take this opportunity to express your gratitude; and your time together will be so much more enriched and enjoyable.


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