Letters of Divine Wisdom

As I began to deepen my daily meditation practice, I took note of the inner wisdom that I was receiving during my moments of self inquiry.  The wisdom and guidance that I was receiving deeply resonated with how I want to be and live my life.  I began writing down the inspiration I received and wanted to share these "Letters" with others.  In the beginning, I naturally inquired where/who these messages were from and the answer I received was Divine Wisdom.

With love and gratitude, I share these letters and messages with you.  May you find joy in listening to your heart so that you may be guided by your voice and your own inner wisdom.

With love,

Joy and love is your natural state of being.  You either choose to allow it to flow, or you block it.  It doesn't magically appear when you "get something" or have an experience.  It's an energy that lives within you and you are the only one who allows it to flow or blocks it from flowing.  That's why you feel "bad" because this natural vibration is blocked like a river dam.  We are always looking outside of ourselves to experience this natural state of joy, but all we have to do is look within.  Take a breath and notice this ever flowing life force energy.  Our breath is our awareness back to our true self.  Our breath connects us back to our own Inner Being who only knows love.

The notion of loving thyself is a powerful message.  How can you love others when you do not love yourself?  Do you know that you are a spiritual being having a human experience?  There is only love.  When you deny yourself of this love, you deny yourself your own truth which is love.  We are all connected in this Universe and when you lead with love, you bring more love into your life.  When you feel "bad", your Inner Being isn't joining your "party" because all your Inner Being knows is love.  This is your guidance system and a way of knowing if you are living your truth or straying away from it.

Everyone has within them the same bright light.  This light is pure love and is the essence of who you truly are.  What makes us different, is how brightly we allow our light to shine.  We dim this light by the layers of emotions we carry and experience.  Anger, resentments, blame, criticism....all of these emotions dim our light on the outside like heavy cloaks.  When you stand in your truth and lead in love, these layers fall away and allow the light to shine brighter.  When your light shines brighter, it impacts those around you for they can see and feel your light.

If your light is dim, take the time to nurture yourself, have compassion for yourself and others and heal the wounds that dim your light.  Let your light shine brightly through acts of kindness, compassion and love for yourself and others.  Go forth and shine brightly.