Online via ZOOM
Investment: $14 per class (unless otherwise specified)

To register for a class, please contact Bonnie at at least two hours before class start time as class sizes are limited.  Thank you.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a practice that cultivates the art of going inward to deepen your relationship with Self.  During restorative yoga the poses that you will experience are not the typical "active" yoga poses.  Rather, you will experience 2-3 poses per class where your body is supported with the use of props (like blankets, bolsters, cushions, and eye pillows) in order to calm the central nervous system to invoke deep rest and restoration.  When we experience deep rest, it is nourishing for the body, mind and soul allowing us the opportunity to heal, rest and digest.  There is nothing else to do in this class, but simply be.  Doesn't that sound heavenly?

  Balancing your Inner Elements Yoga

We can relate our physical and emotional bodies to all five elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space (Ether). In Balancing your Inner Elements Yoga you will explore your inner elements through active asana (yoga postures),  pranayama (breath work), mudras (hand gestures with accompanying intentions) and self massage techniques.  Classes may included a journey through all of the elements, or the focus could be on one, two or three.  The practice will end with a short Yoga Nidra guided meditation where you will have the opportunity to go inward and experience deeper levels of rest and relaxation.  This meditation is like enjoying a delicious dessert after a meal.  

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation designed for deep relaxation and introspection. It can be referred to as Yogic sleep.  It is a space that we enter right before we fall asleep (when we are neither awake, nor asleep). When we are in this threshold, we can experience creativity, rest, healing and transformation.  We can also see and experience things that were previously invisible to us.  Being in Yoga Nidra is calming to the central nervous system which gives your body the opportunity to rest, digest and heal.  
All you need to do is lie down (or sit comfortably), listen and be guided, or simply be without any expectations at all.  

Private group and individual classes/sessions are available through ZOOM.  Please contact Bonnie for pricing and availability.