Do you ever wonder...... 
what's blocking you and making you feel stuck?
what will support you going forward?
                                                      Do you wish...... 
you could see hidden patterns that you keep repeating?
you had some guidance to make decisions?

Hi!  I'm Bonnie and I use a unique coaching style and intuitively read cards 

to help you gain INSIGHT to see things from a different perspective 

so you can be EMPOWERED to make lasting positive changes!  

Ready to have some fun???  Let's pull a few cards shall we....

What you should know about me.....

If you're looking for me to predict your future, I'm not your girl.  

I believe the cards show us where our energy is in the present moment and can give us insight into our hidden beliefs and feelings.  

What shows up in a reading allows you to make empowered decisions and take action to live your best life!  
Here's the can make changes in your life when you see where you're at.  It's not at all helpful to seek answers from the cards that you have no control over - like other people's beliefs or actions or the outcome of a situation.  Use the readings as a way to seek guidance on what you can do to turn things around or help things happen for your highest good.  

You have the power to go in the direction of your desires, 
but sometimes you just need a little insight....

I hold space for you to receive the information in a nurturing, compassionate and supportive environment.  It is never my intention to judge, but to simply notice what story is being told by what shows up in the reading and empowering you to journey forward on the path that is best suited for you.

Choose Your Session
30 Minute Card Reading live via Zoom
  • 1 or 2 questions (depending on time) 
  • Cost: $50.00
60 Minute Card Reading live via Zoom
  • 2 or 3 questions (depending on time) 
  • Cost: $80.00
Email Card Readings
  • Perfect if you're short on time as no appointment is necessary and the card reading will be emailed to you.
  • Once you purchase your email card reading, you will have the opportunity to email me your question.  I will do your reading and email it to you within 5 - 7 days (usually sooner). 
  • 1 question (three card layout).
  • The email card reading will contain approximately 600 words with a picture of the cards pulled.
  • As an added bonus, I will provide you with a journaling prompt based on your reading that you can use on your own time to help you gain personal insights from your reading.
  • Cost: $30.00 
    • Have another question?  Include it with this reading for an additional $25.00. 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

As a thank you for hosting, you'll receive a FREE card reading.

Girl's Night In Option A:

  • Each guest will receive an individual mini card reading.
  • Minimum 4 guests - (not including hostess).
  • Contact Bonnie for a quote.
  • Hostess receives a free 15 minute reading.

Girl's Night In Option B - Discover Your Heart's Truest Desire, Intention Setting and Card Reading:

  • I will lead the group in a guided mini meditation to allow you to tap into your heart and discover your heart's truest desire.
  • Based on what you discover, you will create an intention/affirmation that you can use to focus on going forward.
  • I will lead the group in a journaling exercise to identify limiting beliefs and action steps that you can take going forward towards your intention.
  • Each guest will receive an individual mini card reading - (this would be a great opportunity to gain more insight into your heart felt intention, wink,wink)....
  • Minimum 4 guests (not including hostess).
  • Contact Bonnie for a quote.
  • Hostess receives a free 15 minute reading.
These are a Few of my Favourite......

Guidance for a Specific Question:
  • where is my energy in the present moment regarding this question?
  • what is challenging/blocking me regarding this question?
  • what will support me to journey forward regarding this question?

  • what am I ready to release?
  • what am I ready to embrace?

Self-Love and Self-Acceptance:
  • how do I really feel about myself?
  • what is blocking/challenging me from loving and accepting myself as I am?
  • what will support me on my journey to self-love and acceptance?

Revealing my Heart's Truest Desire:
  • what does my heart truly desire in this moment?
  • what is blocking me from having this desire?
  • what will support me on my path to achieving this desire?

See What Others Are Saying...

"Bonnie helped me discover a hidden belief that made me doubt myself for years. This belief no longer controls how I feel which allows me to be more confident and at ease with others. Thank you Bonnie!"  
"Thank you again for yesterday Bonnie! It's crazy how accurate this stuff's mind blowing..and you're amazing at it. Gave me lots of think about after!"  
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