I'm Bonnie.
..I'm a wife,  mom to two amazing little ladies and I have a cute dog named Coconut. 
Here are some things I love (besides my family and friends)!
...matcha green tea lattes
...positive thinking
...essential oils
...cooking and baking
...taking a hot bath
...reading inspirational books
...helping women know their worth!!

If you've ever felt self-critical, unworthy, ashamed and constantly comparing yourself to others, I know exactly how you feel. 
I lived that way until years after I became a mom.  Once my girls started growing up, I realized I had to make changes in my own life if I wanted to raise two girls to love themselves unconditionally and live a joyful and positive life.  

I just didn’t know where to start. 
You could say I embarked upon a personal development path and I soon realized our thoughts impact our lives. I began to embrace positive thinking, gratitude and self acceptance and then, my life opened up in unbelievable ways.  
I started doing more of the things I LOVE! 

 I signed up for yoga teacher training and became a Certified Yoga Instructor and specialized in Yoga Nidra meditation and restorative yoga.
I also experienced the power of meditation and how it could help me develop a relationship with myself and start living a better life!
That's when I came across Yoga Nidra meditation.  Believe me, I used to think meditation was a waste of time.  I felt that way until my 40s.  I wish I knew back then how life changing this practice actually was.  

Once I started practicing Yoga Nidra on a regular basis, I was able to set an intention for how I wanted to live and see that desire unfold to ultimately change my life.

Through regular meditation, relaxation practices and introspection, 

I can now move forward and accomplish things I didn't think were possible.

Whether you’re ready to try a relaxation/meditation practice to bring more peace and balance to your day, and/or set an intention that allows you to live a more vibrant and fulfilled life, contact me today to see how I can help you!


Ready to make yourself a priority? Contact me!